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Maintenance / Restoration

What You Need When You Need It

Our expertise in the industry allows us to suggest the right products and services to meet your requirements right from the beginning of your restoration project. We also have the ability to react quickly in emergency situations to secure a building when break-ins occur or when damages are sustained. We then follow up with a permanent solution that will seamlessly match existing hardware and that will meet or exceed the replacement requirements to help prevent any issues in the future.


  1. The largest inventories of doors, frames and hardware in the Pacific Northwest
  2. Availability to provide onsite consultation on new and existing projects to help guide and determine the door, frame and hardware needs.
  3. Assistance on preparing and reviewing door specifications, for Hollow metal and Wood needs from commercial applications to residential.
  4. Pre finishing of doors and frames as a value added option to our clients for both Commercial and Residential Projects.
  5. Mechanical and Electrical hardware installation by certified, qualified installers with years of experience.
  6. Onsite inspection of hardware to determine if hardware has been installed to manufacturer and industry standards,
  7. Fire door inspections