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Your Total Opening Supplier

We offer a total opening concept that can service all your door, frame and hardware requirements. Having our own wood and hollow metal production facilities combined with our large commercial inventory of hardware and specialty items allows us to quickly respond to jobsite delivery schedules. We are truly a total opening supplier.

Here at the M&T Group we work very closely with developers to ensure their projects come in on budget and exceed all design criteria. We also have the ability to write the hardware specifications to meet the designer’s needs, and consult on the door requirements all with the purpose of meeting the budget that has been set out for these items.


  1. Submittals of packaged tenders that allow our customers one stop shopping for all their door, frame and hardware needs. M&T pioneered the package bid concept some 40 years ago being the first to offer a complete package of wood doors, hollow metal, hardware and specialty items.
  2. Assistance on preparing and reviewing door specifications, for Hollow metal and Wood needs from commercial applications to residential.
  3. Largest wood pre hanging facility in B.C., with fully licensed shops in Vancouver, Kelowna and Nanaimo.
  4. Fully licensed Hollow Metal facilities allowing us to affix fire labels to our products within labeling guidelines, in Vancouver, Kelowna, Nanaimo and Calgary
  5. All shop drawings for Hollow metal , Wood Doors and Frames and Toilet and Locker layouts are CAD generated
  6. Pre finishing of doors and frames as a value added option to our clients for both Commercial and Residential Projects.
  7. The largest inventories of doors, frames and hardware in the Pacific Northwest
  8. Consulting with Developers on their hardware requirements to ensure their projects are current with market trends and designs.
  9. Mechanical and Electrical hardware installation by certified, qualified installers with years of experience.